What is
Hoplite Defense?

Hoplite Defense is more than a point-and-shoot firearms training company. At Hoplite Defense we believe that the best fight is the one that never happened. Therefore, we strive to ingrain in our students the lessons on security and awareness—acquired over nearly a decade of military and private sector experience—that will help them avoid a deadly force encounter before it ever happens. Being armed doesn’t simply mean having a gun. It means being equipped with the knowledge and mindset necessary to foresee and overcome a threat before it becomes imminent.

Of course, we also understand that not all threats are avoidable—even the best can get caught slipping. At Hoplite Defense we believe that most fights are decided well before they begin, and that it’s what we do every day prior that determines our survivability. We teach our students simple, repeatable techniques and procedures that can be drilled into the subconscious, because the last thing that should be on your mind during a deadly force encounter is how to reload your gun or correct a malfunction. At Hoplite Defense, we provide our students with a working knowledge of their self-defense tools and arm them with the skills need to employ those tools with maximum effectiveness.


Our mission is to protect and defend our community by empowering our clients with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Self Defense Practice

Kyle Benford

Owner, Lead Instructor

As a combat veteran and a former DOS contractor, I spent the majority of my young adult life protecting my country and its diplomats. Now, as a husband and father, there is nothing I take more seriously than protecting my family, myself, and my community. I realized that the best way to accomplish this mission was to be a force multiplier. Thus, I started Hoplite Defense to transfer my years of professional training to my fellow responsibly armed Americans.